10 Things Homeowners Forget To Do

WHAT ?  YOU FORGOT WHAT !!!   (what a frickin LOSER ! )

Has this happened to you?  You end up doing a remodeling project in your home, then either in the middle of it or near the end you think of other things you could and should of done while the current project was going on. Whether you’re working on a kitchen remodeling project, bathroom, or any other room in your home, there’s always something more that can be done at the same time to save money on remodeling costs.

In this Home Remodeling Costs guide, we’ll share a list of 10 small things that are often forgotten about, but can have a high impact on the remodel. Also, many times you can save time and costs since you may already have access to areas in your home that normally wouldn’t be available unless a current project was already in progress.

10 Things Homeowners Forget To Do

Installing a Home Alarm System –  You may be working on a current project such as replacing windows and doors, what a better time to consider installing a home security system. Many hard wired alarm systems require you to run wires through the walls which can be difficult to do if you are not a trained professional in Security Installations.  Since your walls may be open at the time of doing other projects, this can allow for an easy installation of the wiring.

Putting Up Crown Molding –  Crown Molding is something that is often overlooked when remodeling a home. Though this can be done at anytime, it may be something to consider while other projects are taking place. One for the fact that if your house is already under construction, why make a mess out of it again just for a separate project ? Crown molding can add definition to any room and definitely add a nice touch.

Cat 5 Network Wiring– Computers are pretty much in every household these days. Though Wireless Access has become the most preferred way of connecting your laptop or PC to the Internet, many people still like to have their systems with a hardwired connection. The same goes as for running wires for an Alarm System. what a better time to run the wires when walls are open and exposed. This makes for a nicer and professional installation

Keeping Heat/AC Ducts Clean – Many people dont realize that while they are remodeling in their house they are stirring up all kinds of dust of different sorts. Well guess what happens when you turn on your Furnace or Air Conditioning?  If you havent guessed, your system is sucking these particles through your duct work which can end up being blown back throughout the rest of your home making it even dustier than it was before you started. Be sure to block off any ducts and cold air returns in the rooms where the remodeling is being done. Also if possible be sure to, if possible section off the rooms with plastic to keep the dust to a minimum for the rest of the home.

Outdoor Malibu Lighting /Lamposts – Maybe you are doing a major outside project in your yard such as pulling all your shrubs and trees out and replacing them with all new landscaping. Have you thought of the time you could save if you were to put in Malibu lighting or even a lampost while the ground is all dug up. This would be a great time to run the wires in the ground keeping them hidden and giving a professional look.

Installing a Home Intercom System – How nice would it be to have an intercom in your home where you could talk room to room ?  Since most professional intercom systems have to be hard wired back to a master control system, like installing a Home Alarm System or installing Cat 5 network wiring, if your house is under construction giving you access to your open walls,  this would definitely be the time to consider getting the wiring and back boxes in place before the walls are put back.

Fixing Squeaky Floors – So you are putting in either new carpeting, tile, linoleum or some other floor covering. But before you put it down, it may be a good idea  to take care of the squeaky floors while you have access to the floor without anything on it. Since most floors that would squeak would be made out of wood, you could easily remedy this by either going around and adding more nails, but better yet would be taking dry wall screws and screwing down the floor in those squeaky areas, screws wont come loose where nails tend to pop up over time giving you back the squeakiness.  It would recommended that even if all of your floor doesn’t squeak, you put additional screws in all the areas that are walked on to prevent future squeaking.

Adding Additional Insulation to your Walls – Other things Home Owners forget, is you may be having new windows in your home or whatever the project is, if your walls are open while under construction verses trying to do it as a separate project, adding additional insulation on outside walls can definitely save on heating and cooling costs. Many homeowners also use an injected foam for insulation as well.

Replacing or Adding a Jacuzzi Bathtub –  So you are replacing a bathtub or building a new bathroom with a tub. Though at the time you may be just considering in putting a standard bathtub, but you may want to consider at the time  by prepping the bathtub area for a Jacuzzi tub if you decide to switch it out in the future. This would save you alot of time and construction if you pre-wired the electrical for the pump of a jacuzzi tub. Also keep in mind that a jacuzzi tub verses a standard tub requires a different type drain mechanism which takes up more room than a standard tub, prepping for that ahead of time can save you a lot of hard work if one day you decide to upgrade to a jacuzzi tub.

Adding additional Vents to your Roof – Many people replace their roofs themselves but forget to add additional vents in the roof to allow for proper air flow in your attic. It has been proven that without the proper airflow in an attic can shorten the lifespan of your roof, especially the plywood. Sure its no big deal to have to replace just your shingles, but having to replace the plywood under the shingles can make for an expensive unneeded cost if you dont plan ahead and put the proper amount of venting in your roof.

Remember by keeping these things in mind, like the ones mentioned in this article when remodeling can definitely save you many hours of time and costs if planned ahead.

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