15 Easy Home Remodeling Projects for Under $500 Bucks!

Are you looking for affordable ways to give your home a fresh look? It can be done on a tight budget. Here are 15 home remodeling ideas that cost less than $500.

Paint a Few Rooms: No doubt you’ve thought of this one already. Putting a fresh coat of paint delivers a lot of remodeling bang for the buck.

Replace the Carpet in the Living Room or Den: If you’ve got a favorite room in the house, fresh and plush carpet will make it feel new. You might be able to paint and switch the carpet for less than $500.

Get a New Bathroom Vanity, Mirror and Light Fixture: You’ll have to choose inexpensive items, but you just might be able to give the bathroom a totally new look on this budget.

New Window Treatments for the Room of Your Choice: If it’s small room, painting might be possible too, giving the room new zest.

Add a Larger Window: Do you have a great backyard but only small windows through which to enjoy it? Why not replace one of them with a larger picture window? If you can do some of the work yourself, you can probably make this happen for $500.

Add Lighting in the Kitchen: Tired of working in the dark? For $500, you can add brighter task lighting and possibly throw in a few accent lights to show off your cabinetry.

Install a Kitchen Island: This is another one you’ll need to do some of the work on if you’re going to get under budget, but the island will add work space and a place to hang out with family and friends.

Replace the Kitchen Vinyl Flooring: Old vinyl is an eyesore. Brighten your kitchen with a new sheet of attractive vinyl flooring. If you can remove the old stuff, you’ll likely be able to get new vinyl installed within budget.

Add a Closet Organizer: If your walk-in closet is a mess, why not get it under control with a DIY closet organizer? They’re easy to install and help you make great use of the space.

Choose a New Laminate Countertop: If you can remove the old one, buy the new one off the shelf at a home improvement store, and install it yourself, this might meet the budget. Laminate countertops cost as little as $10 per square foot.

Paint the Garage and Floor: Clear out the garage. Get some heavy-duty concrete cleaner and clean the floor. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint and paint the floor with tough, durable, oil-resistant paint.

Tear Out a Wall and Open your Floor Plan: On $500? It’s possible, if you can do the demolition yourself. It’s actually quite easy. And fun, though a bit messy! The $500 can be used to replace flooring, add drywall and paint.

Replace the Front Door: No single, affordable change to the exterior of your home will improve curb appeal more.

Remove Overgrown Shrubs: This will boost the view from the street too and improve your home’s security if the shrubs are near windows. Replace them with something green and bright.

Paint the Kitchen Cabinets and Replace the Hardware: This is an inexpensive way to give your kitchen a brand new look.

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