Outdoor Lighting for Yards and Gardens

After sundown, outdoor lights can make your yard safer while transforming the landscape into a magical new world.  Strategically placed lights can transcend yards and gardens, illuminating your landscape’s best features while keeping the bad ones in the dark. In this Remodeling Cost Guide article, readers will learn more about outdoor lighting for their yards […]

Brick Paver Driveway Installation Costs

The great looks and competitive price of brick pavers make them an attractive option for new and remodeled driveways. This price guide to brick pavers helps you estimate your costs for the material and for installation. If you choose a paver stone driveway, you’ll enjoy the upscale appearance for many years to come. It’s one […]

Deck Maintenance Costs for Older Wood Decks

Maintaining a wood deck as you well know is a lot of work. Sure you can power wash it and restain it each year. But after so many years it seems to get harder and harder to keep it looking good. So what do you do? eventually you will be faced with the decision of […]

Top 10 Springtime Home Improvement Projects.

Spring is almost Here ! and you are getting excited about starting some Springtime Home Improvement projects. So what are the Top 10 Home Improvements for Springtime ? It can be hard to determine which home improvement projects are worth the work  and which ones you should avoid. To get the most out of your  projects, […]

10 Things Homeowners Forget To Do

WHAT ?  YOU FORGOT WHAT !!!   (what a frickin LOSER ! ) Has this happened to you?  You end up doing a remodeling project in your home, then either in the middle of it or near the end you think of other things you could and should of done while the current project was […]

Painting a Few Rooms or the Entire House?

Which Saves Money, Painting a Few Rooms or the Entire House? Painting is definitely a thing you can do to improve the look of your home when remodeling. But you may ask yourself, should I only do a few rooms or the entire house ?  Well now that depends. Starting with rooms that are the […]

Add a Home Security System

Home Security Systems are sometimes an afterthought as people are doing remodeling in their homes, especially if they are replacing windows, doors or  adding on an addition. If you ever considered putting in a security system, then doing it at the time you are replacing windows or doors could save you are great amount of time and costs if […]

Home Remodeling Software

Home remodeling software allows you to see your ideas come to life before your eyes, in rich 3-dimensional color. It’s a great tool for getting the design you really want for your new kitchen, master suite, living room or entire house. Even if you’re just adding outdoor landscaping lights around a patio, you can see […]

Roof Replacement Cost Guide

Replacing your roof will make your home more attractive and appealing to you and to potential buyers. It might also protect your home from serious damage that can result when heavy storms hit a roof that is in poor condition. Your options for the type of roof you select are varied. Asphalt shingles continue to […]

Landscaping Project Costs

Making changes to your landscape is a great way to make your home more attractive and enhance you pleasure when spending time in the yard. There’s a lot you can do, to replacing the sod to adding bushes to including features like landscaping rock or water elements. See other Remodeling Cost Guides about adding a […]

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