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SecurityHome Security Systems are sometimes an afterthought as people are doing remodeling in their homes, especially if they are replacing windows, doors or  adding on an addition. If you ever considered putting in a security system, then doing it at the time you are replacing windows or doors could save you are great amount of time and costs if you are going to do it yourself. Or if you choose to have a professional company install one, you can save costs as well as it is easier to run wires or install devices to the windows and doors while they are being framed in and resulting in a much cleaner professional look. 

Many home security companies will give discounts to do it at the time you have yours windows or doors being replaced, the same goes for additions added on to your house. Anytime walls are opened up, makes a good time to do any type of wiring that would almost be impossible to do otherwise.

In this Remodeling Cost Guide, we’ll tell you why it makes sense to add a home security system during major remodeling. Along the way, we’ll explain how a home security systems works to protect you and your family, as well as the cost of a home security installation as a DIY project or professional install.

Why Install a Home Security System?

Home Security Systems are great deterrents for intruders, not only can they automatically control the outdoor lighting around your home, they can be Wired or Wireless System, and much more. Not only do they help to keep burglars out, they can also provide additional safety for your home. If desired, for a low monthly monitoring fee, a 24 Hr Central Monitoring Station can monitor and call the proper authorities on alarms for Burglary, installed Fire Detectors, Medical Alert and Panic buttons, as well as sump pumps and  other custom applications a Security System can monitor, all monitored through your phone line or internet connection. Several Security Systems call your Smart Phone and let you know the status of your home at all times, as well as using your Smart Phone or PC to completely control the Security System remotely anywhere in the world

Most Security Systems do the same basic functions, it all depends on how you plan to use it, what are you trying to protect as well as the ease of using  it.  If you are handy with low voltage electronics and are pretty good at programming a remote for your TV, then installing one yourself may be the way to go. But if electronics or any type of programming isn’t your thing, then you may opt to hire a professional company to install one for you.

So what do I need to know ?

You should understand the differences of the Security Equipment available. You should also understand that if you choose to install a system yourself, what is involved, what type of system to use, what kind of sensors you will need and as well as to where to put them in your home and  how you install them. You should also know what to expect if you choose to have one professionally installed, what to look for and what questions to ask when the salesman comes out to quote you a price. Some alarm companies even use remodeling software to layout a full plan and complete the project.

Home Security System Costs

What you can expect to pay for a security system depends on several factors, and if you’re already getting a home improvement loan for remodeling, its a very small addition to the cost. If you will be installing one yourself, will it be a wired or wireless system. The number of sensors used which could include a number of devices, such as Door and Windows contacts, Motion sensors, Digital Keypads (Arm and Disarm) Fire sensors, water sensors, panic buttons and even glass break detectors.   Whether the system is wired or wireless, the difference would be the wireless would be a battery powered device that transmit a signal through the air to a receiving Alarm Control Panel. This eliminates the use of wires and  having to completely wire the device back to the control panel directly. This can save alot of work and time using a wireless system and you don’t have to be good at drilling holes and etc.  but you can expect to pay more per device in a wireless system due to the electronic circuitry in each of these sensors.

Do it Yourself Costs – Wired

The costs of you installing a basic hard wired system can range anywhere from $200 – $400, which would typically include 2-3 door sensors, a digital keypad, master control panel, an outside siren, backup battery and a motion detector. Of course the costs can fluctuate based on the zone capacity of the system to the manufacturers name alone. You would also need to include in these prices, the costs of wire, any type of tools you would need to actually install the system, usually you need custom drill bits and wire connectors, etc.   As you can see a basic system doesn’t give you many sensors included, but once you have the basic system up and running, the costs are minimal when adding additional devices such as more motion detectors, door or windows sensors, keypad, etc.  The system is very expandable at that point.

Do it Yourself Costs – Wireless

 Wireless systems vary in pricing as well depending on the brand of the system. There are cheaper systems that can include the same amount of sensors as a wired system for pretty much the same cost but you can sacrifice quality and more problems. Higher quality systems can range from $300 – $500, of course adding more wireless sensors can increase the cost tremendously unless you are to buy the systems in a bundle which includes multiple sensors in the package. An Example would be something similar to this supplier of wireless systems.  Doing research on wireless systems is in your best interest before you buy any security system, read reviews from others that have bought systems and see how they rate, check multiple websites for specifications and etc.

Professional Installation Cost –  Wired

Professionally installed systems can cost anywhere from $0 to multiple thousands of dollars to be installed. So why such a variance in cost ?  Well most security companies want you to monitor your system through your phone line or internet in case of an alarm. So many companies will start you out with a starter system sometimes for no cost to $99 as long as you sign a contract for a 2-3 years. They make their money on reoccurring costs that you pay monthly for your monitoring, their idea is to keep you as a life time customer and over many years that cost for the monitoring adds up into the thousands of dollars. Of course the basic system many times isn’t enough for your needs, so the costs go up with you start to add more sensors. Check out different Security companies for pricing. An example of this strategy would be companies like ADT

 Professional Installation Cost – Wireless 

Many security companies are actually charging the same cost or near the same as a wired system. Since its easier for an installer to install wireless verses wired, its actually beneficial for companies to use wireless rather than wired systems. Again, the same goes for the sensors you add to the system after the basic starter system, the more you add the more the cost goes up. Also most professional companies are going to expect you to sign a contract for multiple years for the 24 hour monitoring.

Final Conclusion

Regardless which route you will take when picking an alarm system for your home, you will need to do research the products you will want to use if you should install it yourself to the companies that install it professionally. Your decision also needs to depend on your own capabilities especially if you should decide to install a wired system verses a wireless system as there is more work involved with these type systems. If you are just average with doing basic construction work, then wireless may be the route for you. If you aren’t capable of installing either, then a professional company is your best bet, but plan on them locking you into a contract for the monitoring of your system for multiple years usually ranging from $25-$35 / month.


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