High Quality Tile Flooring on a Budget!

If you need a new floor, want it to be durable and attractive, and you have a tight budget, ceramic tile might be the perfect answer. It is affordable, durable and very attractive.

What are the pros and cons of ceramic tile floors? Let’s take a look.

In this Remodeling Cost Guide, we’ll look at Ceramic Tile Flooring, the benefits of ceramic tile flooring, the cons of installing tile and how to find the best price on installation.

Benefits of Ceramic Tile Flooring

No doubt you’d like your floor to be attractive. Ceramic tile is a timeless design classic. No matter what your definition is of attractive, there are ceramic tile options that you’ll love. It is made in every shade of the color wheel, and much of it has a marbled finish or pattern. Using contrasting or complementary colors can be a wonderful way to achieve a really unique and appealing design.

Secondly, ceramic tile is very durable. Be sure to select floor-grade tile since it is tougher than tile used for walls. With proper installation, tile can easily last 30 years or more. In fact, you’ll probably WANT to change it long before you will NEED to change it. Ceramic tiling simply doesn’t wear out very quickly.

Finally, ceramic tile floors are affordable. In terms of the material, it’s one of the least expensive types of flooring on the market. The cost for ceramic tile starts at just $2 per square foot. Compare that with cheap vinyl that starts at $3 per square foot or carpet that starts at $4 per sq. ft. And $2 ceramic tile will last twice as long as $3 vinyl or $4 carpet. In fact, it will probably last as long as $8 wood flooring.

Drawbacks to Tile

There are few negatives with tile, but a couple things are worth mentioning. It tends to be cool flooring, which you and the dog will love in the summer, but in the winter you might want to wear slippers. Secondly, because it is so hard, it can cause a bit of stress on the feet when you stand on it for a long time. Putting a cushy area rug in front of the kitchen sink, food prep areas and other places you stand for a long time will solve the problem…and keep your feet warm in the winter.

Ceramic Tile Installation

Installing ceramic tile flooring is a DIY project if you’ve got some experience or are willing to learn. If you’d prefer to have a professional do the work, ceramic tile installers will do it for competitive prices. Be sure to get at least 3 written estimates in order to find the best price quotes for the work.

If you haven’t considered a tile floor, whether for the kitchen floor or bath;  its beauty, durability and affordability makes it worth checking out!

Whats Your Take?

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  1. Ian says:

    Unhappy Sorry to hear that the flooring is cuipnpg, Anytime the edges of hardwood flooring cup there is or was a presence of excessive moisture within the environment. Did the installer let the flooring acclimate? What did they use for a moisture retarder underlayment paper? What is the home’s Relative humidity. If the inspection was done weeks or months after noticing the problem, the RL or excessive moisture could have dissipated. You might want to run an air conditioner or dehumidifier for several weeks which may pull out the remaining excess moisture out of the wood and the flooring may return to normal. Cupping is not covered in manufacturers warranties. Normal moisture content in Hardwood flooring should be between 6-12 % which equals 40-55% Relative humidity, if the relative humidity level in the home rises for an extended period of time the flooring absorbs this moisture and the edges of the flooring cup upward. The same thing can happen in reverse: if the wood dries out too much it will leave gaps between the floor boards.

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