Costs of Adding a Home Intercom System

Adding a Home Intercom System

Have you ever thought how great it would be to communicate to others in your household without having to yell across the house? If you have remodeling going on, now may be a great time to consider having an intercom system put in your house.

Install it Yourself or Hire a Professional?

There is the option of installing an intercom yourself or having it done professionally. You may be asking yourself, whats involved and what the costs doing it yourself or having it professionally installed. Well there are many options that can contribute to the costs, depending on how many rooms you want to communicate with. Though there are wired and wireless systems, you will find the more sophisticated ones are hard wired, which means you would need to run wires back to a master console where everything is hooked up to and controlled from, normally this would be installed in your kitchen. Some of these systems also allow you to play music throughout the house with a built in Radio and options for external DVDs or USB devices, such as MP3 players. Wiring would be similar to installing a wired Alarm System in your home.

So what can you expect to pay. Well lets start with a hard wired system. If you want to have a master control panel, normally installed in the kitchen, will allow you to communicate separately to individual rooms or multiple rooms at one time. This is good especially in a big home where you may be calling the kids for dinner and not necessarily know where they are in the house. A Master console similar to this Nutone Intercom can range anywhere from $400 – $700, but keep in mind this would be the most expensive piece of equipment for the system. Other costs would include the individual room intercom speakers that allow communication as well as listening to music in each room which is controlled from the master console in the kitchen. These individual room speakers can range anywhere from $75 – $200, depending on the size of the speaker you want as well as the options of controls that allow you to do different things.  Also the costs of wire and mounting boxes and miscellaneous things, like screws, wire connectors and etc.

If you have your house torn apart and walls are open,  adding a Home Intercom System this would be the best time to install a hardwired system as it makes getting the wires in the wall easier. If you are handy with low voltage electrical devices and can follow installation manuals, then you can save a good amount of money installing a system yourself. Your best bet for locating equipment would be searching on the internet and getting familiar with the best brands and then comparing costs from company to company. You will want to find a reputable company that stands behind any products they sell you and many of them will even give you support if you have questions when installing an Intercom. Now if you arent handy will doing any electrical work like this of just don’t have the time, you can still have one installed professionally, but plan on paying several hundreds to thousands of dollars, but again, what will determine the cost will depend on how many intercom stations you want in your home as well as the complexity of installing it in your home, whether the walls are accessible or not.

There are smaller systems without all the bells and whistles as well that if you are only concerned strictly about communication to rooms, then you can save alot of costs going this route. Searching the internet for room to room intercoms would be a start for getting information on these systems.

Wireless Intercom Systems are also available that definitely can make an installation very easy. Some units are battery powered while some are plugged into the wall for their power. These can range in cost from $100 -$300 per intercom station Regardless, installing a unit on a wall is a lot easier then running wires through the wall. Wireless systems use a frequency to communicate through the house, similar to a cordless telephone. Most wireless systems don’t have a lot of options like a hardwired system, though some do. But a wireless system usually are installed for just communicating with a few rooms, just by basically plugging the intercom in and start using it.

There are also systems that use the electrical wiring in your home to communicate from room to room by sending a signal down the wire from station to station. There can be issues with this type of intercom as many times the signal is blocked because of noise on the wire or from interference from other electrical devices in the home.  These systems are rather inexpensive ranging from $40 – $150 per intercom system, but again, you could run into interference from other devices in your home, if there is a way to test a few of these intercom stations first would help when making a decision when purchasing your system.

Final Thoughts on Costs of Adding a Home Intercom System

An intercom is great asset to a house and definitely a convenience for communication to others in the home. So depending on how handy you are and what you are looking for in an intercom system, such as communications and adding music that can be played in rooms through out the house will determine your costs. The best recommendation when selecting which route to take would be researching as much as you can about the different intercom systems available and choose based on quality and good recommendations from others. Going the least expensive way can save you money but could also add headaches if you haven’t done your research first


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