Fireplace & Chimney Remodeling Costs

A fireplace is a wonderful addition to any home, and there are several types from which to choose. The most traditional is to have a brick or stone fireplace and chimney built into your home. These are also, typically, the most expensive and many find them the most beautiful. Insert fireplaces are more common now, and quite a bit more affordable. They require a fairly simple flue and can be quite easy to install. Inserts are produced in a wide array of designs. Gas and electric fireplaces are also available, in many different styles and features. The point is, you’ve got a lot of options to fit your lifestyle, your budget and the decorating scheme you’re working with. This Remodeling Cost Guide will help you understand your choices and give you an idea of your costs.

Natural Fireplaces

These are the “old fashioned” wood-burning kind, with a brick, stone or cultured stone face, masonry firebox and chimney. They are not installed as frequently these days, especially during home remodeling projects. But again, they can be the most beautiful and form the centerpiece to a large living area. Keep in mind that they also require the most maintenance, from regular cleaning to replacement of mortar and possibly bricks or stones through the years. If you plan a natural brick or stone fireplace for your home, expect your living room remodeling costs – or costs for the kitchen or bedroom if that’s where you locate it – will be at least $8,000 and probably closer to $15,000, with elaborate fireplaces costing more than that.

Wood-Burning Insert Fireplaces

If you prefer a traditional wood-burning fireplace to gas or electric for your living area, this is a more economical choice . The unit comes with its own masonry firebox and insulated housing. The chimney can be a standard framed chimney, not requiring any brick or stone. The flue is a double-wall type that has an airspace between the two walls. They’re nearly cool to the touch and reduce the risk of fire. The advantages of these fireplaces are that they cost less and require less maintenance. They can also be installed by handy DIY homeowners. In addition, many are fitted with blowers that heat air drawn from the room with the use of a heat exchanger, sending it back into the room. For the fireplace and chimney, your costs will be $1,00-$3,500. To frame the chimney and side it, the costs will be $1,500-$3,000 for most homes.

Gas, Ethanol and Electric Insert Fireplaces

These are growing in popularity because they are energy-efficient and less expensive. They can also be quite attractive. Gas inserts require venting but electric fireplaces do not. They’re produced in many styles and some of them supply heat for the room as well. These types are common in living rooms, kitchens, dens and bedrooms. Depending on how elaborate the design is and what features it offers, the costs will be $400-$2,000.

Fireplace Cleaning and Repair

Wood fireplaces should be cleaned annually. In addition, they should be inspected for damage every few years so that heat can get into the framing of the house and cause a fire. Old or damaged flues should be replaced before the fireplace is used again. These tasks are best handled by a qualified contractor, and most will provide free estimates for the work.

Professional Installation of your Fireplace

For a masonry and brick or stone fireplace, hiring a professional contractor is your best option. The safety risks are too great to not leave it to a pro. Wood-burning inserts are easier to install, but if you have any concerns at all about doing the work, hire a contractor for it. Gas inserts are a concern too, since a gas line needs to be run, and you want to be sure the risk of a leak is reduced as much as possible.

Fireplace contractors will typically provide free estimates, so it makes sense to get at least 3 written quotes for the job. This will allow you to find the lowest prices while also interacting with the contractors to find one you believe has the know-how and experience to do it right. Depending on the type of fireplace you’re having installed, the prices will vary significantly, from less than $1,000 to well over $10,000.

A fireplace will add beauty and ambience to any home, and will also make it more appealing to buyers should you place it on the market. They can be a worthwhile investment in your lifestyle and the value of your home.

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