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Costs for Contractors

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Homeowners remodeling their houses are trying to decide if its something they can do themselves or do they need to hire a Contractor?  So if you do hire a Contractor, what do you need to know when choosing... more

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Recovering from Storm Damage!

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Storm Damage is something we all hope we never have to face. Depending what part of the country you live in puts you at higher risk then other places. As we all have seen that living in Oklahoma carries... more

Deck Maintenance Costs for Older Wood Decks

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Maintaining a wood deck as you well know is a lot of work. Sure you can power wash it and restain it each year. But after so many years it seems to get harder and harder to keep it looking good. So what... more

Home Decor: What’s Trending in 2015?

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The hottest home trends for 2015 are already here,  and homeowners wishing to update their humble abodes will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and cost-effective these changes can be.  Creating an... more

Top 10 Springtime Home Improvement Projects.

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Spring is almost Here ! and you are getting excited about starting some Springtime Home Improvement projects. So what are the Top 10 Home Improvements for Springtime ? It can be hard to determine which... more

Banging Pipes / Water Hammer ?

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Have you ever noticed your pipes banging immediately after shutting off your water?  This is called Water Hammer that commonly occurs when a valve closes suddenly at an end of a pipeline system, and... more

Home Improvement Deductions/Tax Credits

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Home Improvement Deductions The ground-hog did not see his shadow this year, which by folklore means an early spring is upon us–a time for chirping birds, blooming flowers, and yes, paying taxes! ... more

Costs of Adding a Home Intercom System

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Adding a Home Intercom System Have you ever thought how great it would be to communicate to others in your household without having to yell across the house? If you have remodeling going on, now may be... more

Is it Expensive to fix Squeaky Floors ?

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So you finally had enough of those squeaky floors, but what is involved to fix it yourself and how much will it cost? Depending on the floor type and what level it’s located in your home will determine... more

How to Win the Cold War-Saving Money on Home Heating Costs

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There are several ways to save money on your family’s heating bills this winter.  Some  require just a phone call, while others may take a little effort and a few minor purchases to your home. ... more


10 Things Homeowners Forget To Do

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WHAT ?  YOU FORGOT WHAT !!!   (what a frickin LOSER ! ) Has this happened to you?  You end up doing a remodeling project in your home, then either in the middle of it or near the end you think of other... more


Six Ways to Use The Space Under Your Stairs for Storage

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What do you do with that parcel of useless space under the stairs? It’s been a question that has been asked a few hundred times by no doubt a few hundred people. We’ve taken a look at some of the more... more

Improve the Look of Your Home at a Minimum cost, by Decluttering and Cleaning !

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Two of the easiest and most efficient ways to give your home value a immediate pick me up, is cleaning an decluttering !  They are both inexpensive, and you can bet the time you put into it will be worth... more


Can Your Bathroom be Updated for Under $500?

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Vanity/Cabinets- Is it possible to update your bathroom for under $500?. Sure it is, but you have to do some wise shopping. For instance, if you feel your vanity is in need of being replaced. This price... more

Painting a Few Rooms or the Entire House?

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Which Saves Money, Painting a Few Rooms or the Entire House? Painting is definitely a thing you can do to improve the look of your home when remodeling. But you may ask yourself, should I only do a few... more


Steam Cleaning or Carpet Replacement, A Room by Room Comparison!

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New Carpeting or Steam Clean?–  In this remodeling guide for your home, carpeting is something you can either replace one room at a time for way under $500 or the entire house for much more. Of... more


6 Costly Mistakes Home Sellers Make that Are Easily Avoided

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Sometimes, it’s the little things that turn off potential home buyers. They might love your neighborhood, the architecture of your home and its location. But a lack of attention to the little things... more

Is a Home Theater / Entertainment Room in your Remodeling Budget ?

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Is entertainment a big part of your household ?  Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having that Home Theater where you can spend an evening relaxing either watching your favorite shows or listening... more


Never Underestimate the Value of a Finished Basement

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For many people remodeling the basement is secondary to getting the rest of the house in tip-top shape.  While this may true, a finished or at least partially finished basement can make or break a real... more


Add a Home Security System

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Home Security Systems are sometimes an afterthought as people are doing remodeling in their homes, especially if they are replacing windows, doors or  adding on an addition. If you ever considered putting... more


Handicap Access Ramps

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When a handicap access ramp is needed, deciding where to install it is an important consideration. In this Remodeling Cost Guide, we’ll look at Handicap Access Ramps, how to select one when designing... more


High Quality Tile Flooring on a Budget!

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If you need a new floor, want it to be durable and attractive, and you have a tight budget, ceramic tile might be the perfect answer. It is affordable, durable and very attractive. What are the pros and... more


Home Remodeling Software

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Home remodeling software allows you to see your ideas come to life before your eyes, in rich 3-dimensional color. It’s a great tool for getting the design you really want for your new kitchen, master... more


When Should You get a Loan for your Remodeling Project?

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Borrowing money for one of your latest home improvement projects is a very personal decision, but there are a few guidelines that might help you decide when it makes sense to get a loan to finance your... more


Adding a Kitchen Island, Planning is the First Step!

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Kitchen islands are a very good way to maximize space and add functionality to your kitchen. They provide work space for food preparation, additional cabinet or shelf space while helping reduce clutter... more


Recessed Kitchen Lights

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Recessed Kitchen Lights, A Project Done Best by a Licensed Electrician! are a common feature of kitchen remodeling projects. They are often installed over the kitchen sink or work areas to provide task... more


Blueprint for Small Projects?

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If you’re finishing a basement or adding a master suite to your home, is a blue print required? Do you have to incur the expense of having one drawn up? The simple answer is that in most areas, a blueprint... more


Green Home Remodeling, How to Make the Highest Impact for the Least Cost!

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When planning a remodeling project, many homeowners want to make their home more green while also improving its comfort and functionality. Where can you get the “greenest” bang for the green you spend?... more


Remodeling Permits and Inspections, Where to Learn about When They’re Needed!

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If you’re planning a remodeling project in your home, you might need a permit for the job. If running gas, water or electrical line is part of the job, you will almost certainly be required to get a... more


15 Easy Home Remodeling Projects for Under $500 Bucks!

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Are you looking for affordable ways to give your home a fresh look? It can be done on a tight budget. Here are 15 home remodeling ideas that cost less than $500. Paint a Few Rooms: No doubt you’ve thought... more


Kitchen Sink Options, Choosing the Right Sink that Fits Your Lifestyle!

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Just a few years ago, cast iron with enamel coating or stainless steel were your only kitchen sink options. These materials are still two of the most popular, but there are others with fast-growing fan... more


Home Lighting Cost Guides

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When determining estimates for your kitchen remodeling costs, home office remodeling costs, or costs for remodeling any room in your home, lighting costs can be overlooked. However, getting the right lighting... more


Paint and Wallcovering Costs for Ceilings & Walls

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Some remodeling jobs require tearing out everything, right down to the studs. When you gut a room, you’ve got to factor in the cost of the ceilings and walls in your home remodeling costs. In this Remodeling... more


Flooring Installation and Cost Guides

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Replacing old flooring is an essential part of any remodeling job, and your options for any room in the house are broad and diverse. So are the prices of the many flooring products available, ranging in... more