Improve the Look of Your Home at a Minimum cost, by Decluttering and Cleaning !

Two of the easiest and most efficient ways to give your home value a immediate pick me up, is cleaning an decluttering !  They are both inexpensive, and you can bet the time you put into it will be worth your investment.

A potential buyer of your home is surely to look at the cleaning of everything from the  doors, windows, floors and etc, which can show that you value your home.  Cleaning and decluttering your home will show a potential buyer that you have taken care of it, which can also tell them you have a good place worth investing time and money in.

Cleaning Floors, such as wooden, linoleum or tile shouldn’t cost you more than $50 in cleaning materials, depending on the number of different rooms you are planning on cleaning. There are many different solvents out there for cleaning, be sure to read and research all the different products to make sure you use something that doesn’t damage your floor.

How about your Windows?-  Seriously, everyone can clean windows. Not only does it pretty much cost you nothing but that alone can brighten up your house,  letting the sun shine in. This can show a potential buyer of your home that you take care of home because its something to be proud of. People dont realize that the smallest things as just keeping your windows cleaned can add value to your home. If you have wood framed windows, it may be necessary to paint these frames, which can make them look like new. You can probably clean every window in your home for under $25 in cleaning solvent and most likely less than $50 in paint costs if you should need to paint the frames. Some windows also may need staining, but that too should cost you less than $50 in stain costs.

What about your Doors ?- Well like your windows, just cleaning them up alone can add value to your house. Its amazing that many doors look they are 20 years old, but only because they are dirty and nothing a good cleaning cant handle to make them look like new. Or maybe your doors are either stained or painted. You can easily restain or paint your door at a minimum cost, easily for under $50. There are several do-it-yourself tips on the internet that can help and instruct you to do this.

Declutter- Lets face it, decluttering your home has some good values. Not only can it impress a potential buyer if you are looking to sell it, but  its a way of getting rid of that junk that just makes your home look like a big mess and that you really dont care about it. This could make a potential home buyer wonder, if you cant even keep your house clean of clutter and organized, how many other things of the house have gone neglected, which could easily change their minds of them buying your home.  The costs to decluttering is pretty much your time, unless you are doing a major decluttering overhaul which requires you to rent a dumpster, but still a cost that is worth its investment

Decluttering and Cleaning your home is probably one of the least expensive things you can do to improve the look of it, so why not start there ?, it also would be a great advantage if you were planning on selling it

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