Is it Expensive to fix Squeaky Floors ?


So you finally had enough of those squeaky floors, but what is involved to fix it yourself and how much will it cost? Depending on the floor type and what level it’s located in your home will determine how hard it can be and the cost. But remember if you aren’t handy with home repairs, seek professional help

Easy or Hard ? And the Cost ?

If it’s a first level floor that has a basement or crawl space under it, it can be as easy as wedging shims in the squeaky area from underneath, costing under $10 for the shims at any local home improvement store. Now if you don’t have the option of getting to the floor from the basement or a crawl space, this could be a little tougher to fix. It may be impossible without ripping up the floor, which at that point a professional flooring person would probably need to be involved which could cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

So is it Expensive to fix Squeaky Floors ?

If you have a wood floor that squeaks and is carpeted and you are comfortable pulling up carpet, you can easily fix this yourself as well. By simply pulling up the carpet and buying a box of drywall screws, you can go around the whole floor with a cordless drill / screwdriver and put as many screws as you can to anchor down the floor so it doesn’t squeak. Be sure to do as much as the floor as you can, even in areas that may not be currently squeaking at the time, this will avoid you having to pull up the carpet again in the future if other areas were to squeak. You can purchase a box of drywall screws for under $20

Based on the floor type, from a Kitchen with linoleum, wood or tile, to a family room with carpet, wood or some other type of covering. This obviously can make the job either simple, like the removing of the carpet or fixing it from the basement, or make it quite difficult where a professional flooring company may need to be involved where tearing up the whole floor may be needed, which at that point you may need to really consider if its worth just dealing with a few squeaks instead. I found a six pack of beer can solve the problem a lot easier   🙂

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