Kitchen Sink Options, Choosing the Right Sink that Fits Your Lifestyle!

Just a few years ago, cast iron with enamel coating or stainless steel were your only kitchen sink options. These materials are still two of the most popular, but there are others with fast-growing fan support.

How about sink size and configuration? Do you want a single sink or a double sink? Here’s a look at your options in light of your lifestyle.

Choosing the Right Sink Material

Are you hard on your sink? Do you “toss” silverware into it? Leave pots and pans in it for a few days? A stainless steel sink is your best choice. It will be durable, stain resistant, and it won’t chip if you’re a little rough on it.

Are you on a tight budget? Planning to sell your home in a few years and don’t want an expensive sink? A cast iron sink with enamel coating is a cost-effective choice as long as you’re fairly gentle with it, because the coating will chip if abused.

Looking for something long-term and really durable? Granite composite sinks are popular in Europe and are making inroads here. They are tough and attractive, though a bit pricey. A sink isn’t a huge part of your kitchen remodeling costs, but if you’re watching every penny, granite might not work for you.

For style, if you’re want something new and different, consider a solid surface or a quartz sink. They come in a variety of colors and fit seamlessly into your countertops. A solid surface sink is the easiest to keep clean. There’s no seam around it to collect food.

Choosing the Right Sink Configuration

A single sink bowl –one that is not divided—is really only an option if you don’t plan to put dishes, pots or pans into it. Most will appreciate a divided bowl, but what type should you choose? Most divide the space equally. These are ideal for people who do dishes by hand. But since most people use a dishwasher, they’re not as practical for the majority.

A better choice would be a divided sink with one oversize side and one small side. That way, you can wash large pots and pan –items you don’t put in the dishwasher—and still have a side which remains clean for hand washing and other uses.

If you’ve got excess counter space and the budget for it, you might consider a large sink with 2 oversize sides. It’s the best of both worlds.

Choosing the right sink for your lifestyle and the design scheme you’re working with takes a bit of thought. The good news is that the “perfect” kitchen sink for your purposes probably exists and is waiting for you to find it.

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