Landscaping Project Costs

Making changes to your landscape is a great way to make your home more attractive and enhance you pleasure when spending time in the yard. There’s a lot you can do, to replacing the sod to adding bushes to including features like landscaping rock or water elements. See other Remodeling Cost Guides about adding a deck or patio, or replacing the driveway and sidewalks for other outdoor projects that will boost your home’s value. This guide will give you ballpark prices you can use to put together a budget for sprucing up the landscape.

Replacing your Lawn

Sometimes a lawn gets to the point where it’s just better to start over. Perhaps what was originally planted is a cool-season grass and you’re in a warm climate, or the other way around. Maybe it’s bug-eaten or diseased.

Sod is available for many types of grass including fescue, rye, Zoysia, Bermuda and more. Others are best grown from plugs while some can be grown from seed. It really depends on the climate and growing season where you live.

Seeding costs just a few cents per square foot but can only be done if the growing season is long enough for the seed to grow and the lawn to get well established. Plugs cost $0.35-$0.50 per square foot and sod costs about the same. If you have to bring in top soil, factor it at $0.10-$0.10 per square foot per inch of depth.

Adding a Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system will definitely save you time and hassle, and it will keep your lawn looking its best throughout the growing season. If you’ve got the skills, installing your own system is a good idea, since installation is expensive. For DIY sprinkler systems, your costs will be about $1 per square foot. The installation costs more than ten times that amount! You might not have a trencher, but using a spade and some energy can get the job done if you have the time.

Landscaping Rock and Boulder

This type of outdoor project can be used to add a dramatic effect in a yard or give it a very natural look. They work well with all types of architecture too. Local landscape supply companies can deliver the rock to you if you plan to install it yourself. If you’re paying a landscape company to do the work, they’ll make the arrangements to get the stone to the job site. If you live near farming areas and are really industrious, most farmers will let you pick rocks in their fields in the spring. They might even pay you to take them away!

Rock and boulder used for landscaping costs $75-$100 per ton.

Bushes, Shrubs and Trees

Adding living plants to your yard is great and beautiful. Most local nurseries will have a wide variety of trees and shrubs. Do some research to find shrubs that bloom in the colors you want or trees that turn a pleasing color in the fall. Your local nursery or landscaper will help with your selection too. If you decide to plant trees and shrubs yourself, get careful directions and follow them closely to maintain the best growing environment for the additions to your landscape. Trees and shrubs that are of transplant size cost $15-$300 per plant.

Built-In Grill

Adding a brick or stone grill to the yard, as part of the patio or next to the deck, can be a fantastic addition you’ll enjoy in the years ahead. A fireplace can be included. These are expensive items though, with costs for materials and installation ranging from $1,000 on the low side to over $10,000 for elaborate designs.

Ponds, Streams and Fountains

This elements add a wonderful touch to a landscape, but depending on the complexity of the design, can be expensive. You won’t get much for under $1,000. For $2,500 and up, you can start to get a design you really enjoy.

DIY Landscaping or Hire a Pro?

Working on the yard is good exercise and rewarding. Doing some of this type of work yourself will save you a significant amount of money. Find out what is specifically involved with each project, so you can decide if it’s something you want to tackle or if you’d rather have a pro handle it.

Many professional landscapers have gone to school to learn their craft. It might be worth consulting a few to find out what they suggest and getting written estimates from them. A professionally landscaped yard will contain elements that work well together, fit the space nicely and enhance your home’s appearance and value.

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