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When determining estimates for your kitchen remodeling costs, home office remodeling costs, or costs for remodeling any room in your home, lighting costs can be overlooked. However, getting the right lighting for the room is essential to its appearance, functionality and even its safety. This remodeling cost guide will help you plan your budget, so you can get lighting that gives you the light you need at prices you can afford.

Types of Lighting for your Home

You’ve got all kinds of options for the type of lighting you choose for each room in your home. Your choices are greatest in the kitchen. Popular types include recessed lighting, hanging lighting, fluorescent fixtures over islands or work areas, track lighting, lighting under or above the upper cabinets and even lighting under a translucent countertop.

You’ve got most of the same options for other rooms, with additional types including wall sconces, wall fixtures, large chandeliers and baseboard lighting.

As you select lighting, for your basement remodel, match the type you choose for each area to its purpose. The four main purposes are general illumination, task lighting, accent lighting and security lighting. Security lighting isn’t just about providing security outside your home to make it less vulnerable to crime. Inside the house, the term relates to lighting that makes it easy to safely move down hallways or stairs. It’s an essential feature where older adults live. Most rooms in your home will require lighting designed to accomplish at least 2 of the 4 purposes.

Lighting Styles

Today’s lighting fixtures come in every style, so you can select those that fit your décor or the decorating look you are pursuing. Styles include European, traditional, antique, early American, contemporary, transitional, retro, country and more.

Lighting Prices

If you’ve done any shopping for lighting, you know that prices in common areas of your home can vary from quite cheap to very expensive. You really can get decent lighting for any budget. Lighting that is poor quality won’t last as long, but if your goals are more short term, you can reduce your home remodeling costs with inexpensive lighting that still functions well and looks pretty good.

What does this mean in real dollars? An inexpensive bath fixture might cost $25-$75. A mid-range fixture will cost $125-$200 and a high-end bathroom light fixture might cost more than $300. For dining room chandeliers, the price range can be as diverse as $125-$2,500.

Most home remodeling costs experts suggest that you allocate 3%-6% of your total budget for lighting. For example, in a $10,000 bathroom makeover, that means lighting would account for $300-$600 of your total costs.

LED Lighting

As you’re shopping for lighting, consider cool-burning LED light fixtures. This green technology has advanced quite a bit in the last 5 years, and you’ll find LED lighting in most types and styles. It gives off less heat and in many cases uses less energy.

DIY Installation of Lighting or Hire a Pro?

If you’re comfortable working with electricity, turning off circuits while you hook up fixtures, you might consider doing all of the “finish electrical” work yourself. Use caution and use wire cutters and strippers rated for safety. For most basic fixtures, the connections are quite straightforward. For fixtures such as a ceiling fan and light combination, the connections are a bit more complex.

If you would prefer to have a contractor install the lighting, they will usually provide free written estimates for the work. It makes sense to get several price quotes for the job in order to find the lowest prices. On finish electrical work, estimates will vary quite a bit.

Lighting is essential when remodeling any room in your home, from home offices to the master bedrooms to kitchens. The good news is that attractive and functional lighting that meets your budget is available no matter what style you prefer.

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