Recessed Kitchen Lights

Recessed Kitchen Lights, A Project Done Best by a Licensed Electrician! are a common feature of kitchen remodeling projects. They are often installed over the kitchen sink or work areas to provide task lighting and general illumination, and also provide a great modern look that has a high return on investment.

In this Remodeling Cost Guide, we’ll answer the very common question asked by many DIY’ers, Is the installation of recessed kitchen lights a do-it-yourself job?

Safety Concerns

Even experienced DIY homeowners often turn over electrical work to the professionals. Removing an old fixture and replacing it with a new one is one thing, and most will do that themselves. But cutting in the recessed lights, running a new line from the electrical box if needed, installing the recessed canisters and wiring the lighting is more than most will want to tackle.

In the cost-benefit analysis, for most homeowners it makes more sense to hire a licensed electrician who does that type of work on a daily basis, and depending on your needs, it may be a project that cost less than $500. For most, it’s simply not worth the risk to do it themselves. Along these lines, connecting recessed lighting can be a challenge, and if the wiring isn’t done correctly or if it becomes loose, it can be a fire hazard.

It’s a Tough Job

Running wire through the ceiling is always more difficult than installing it in a wall. With their skill, licensed electricians can get the job done in a fraction of the time it would take most homeowners. Doing better things with their time and paying a pro to do what he or she does best is an attractive option for many.

Safety concerns and the difficulty of the job are why most homeowners choose to hire a licensed electrician to install recessed kitchen lighting. Unless you’ve got very good experience with electrical work and lots of time to complete the project, it’s probably wisest to leave that job to a professional.

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