Remodeling Permits and Inspections, Where to Learn about When They’re Needed!

If you’re planning a remodeling project in your home, you might need a permit for the job. If running gas, water or electrical line is part of the job, you will almost certainly be required to get a permit.

Permits Ensure Safety

Many homeowners think the requirement to get a permit is simply to make money for the country or city and to make sure they note your improvements so they can raise your taxes. Some of the cynicism may be deserved, but the core reason for requiring permits is to make sure the job is done safely.

On most jobs, typically 2 inspections will be made. The first is known as the “rough” inspection and is made when the foundational work of the project is completed – running electrical wire or gas line, pouring footings for a foundation, framing an addition, etc. The second inspection is done when the job has been completed.

The safety checks are not only for you but for anyone who might purchase your home in the future. Put it this way, if you sell and buy another home, you’ll be reassured to know that any work done to it in years past was inspected for safety.

County or City Building Departments

Most cities have their own building department and inspectors. If you live in a rural county, permits and inspections might be handled at the county level. Start with an initial call to your city’s municipal offices or simply check their website. All city departments are usually listed on a convenient menu. If you don’t find a building department on the city’s website, check the county website. The website for the city or county might list what projects require a permit. If not, a simple phone call will answer the question of whether or not one is required.

In most cases, inspectors are working in the best interest of the people they serve, and can even be a helpful source of information and advice as you tackle you home remodeling project.

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