Shower Remodeling Cost Guide

The cost of the shower you choose will prove to be a significant part of your bathroom remodeling costs. There are many types of showers ranging from inexpensive, one-piece fiberglass showers to high-end steam showers. Even the type of shower head you select will affect your costs. This Remodeling Cost Guide discusses your options along with prices, so you can get an idea of what your bathroom remodeling costs might be. See other remodeling cost guides on this site related to flooring, cabinetry, lighting and more, and you’ll be able to put together a picture of your total costs. Here’s a shower cost guide for specifics on the types of showers that are available as well as shower heads.

Low-Cost Showers

The most affordable bathroom remodeling projects include simple wall surround showers that come in one or two-piece units. They may be a single stall shower or a double shower with a tub. Cultured marble showers are also fairly affordable. Cultured marble has the look of real marble but is made from inexpensive cement-type materials. An advantage is that they are easier to clean and maintain than traditional tile. A shower lined with affordable ceramic tile can also be a low-cost way to go, but it will require some upkeep. All of these will help you keep your bathroom remodeling costs fairly low. For materials, depending on the size of the shower you choose, your costs will be approximately $400-$1,200.

Expensive Showers

If you’re putting together a bathroom with more luxury and visual appeal, you’ve got plenty of options too. For example, attractive acrylic inserts can be used to cover up old showers without having to “gut” them. These inserts are custom made and fit right over the existing tub or shower. The inserts are somewhat expensive, but installation costs are reasonable. Using marble or high-end tile in a shower can also increase your bath remodeling costs. Large showers with dual shower heads are popular in master bathrooms, and if you choose upscale materials, they can be very expensive. For comfort and luxury, you might choose a steam shower, complete with its own water heater that fills the shower enclosure with soothing steam. Finally, if you’ve got a shower that needs to be totally gutted and rebuilt from the studs, including a new shower pan and everything, that will raise your costs. These upgraded showers start about $1,500 and can easily cost more than $3,000.

Shower Heads and Handles

Simple shower heads and handles can be purchased for less than $100 per set. Better material or greater functionality will increase the cost. Choosing upscale metals like brushed nickel, polished chrome or titanium is a popular choice. In terms of how the shower head performs, high-volume soaker shower heads and rain heads can cost as much as $3,900, but most will cost $350-$1,200.

DIY Shower Installation or Hire a Pro?

For new construction projects, installing a fiberglass shower enclosure can actually be quite easy. If you’re comfortable with a pipe cutter, hand tools, and the basics of plumbing, doing it yourself can reduce your total costs substantially. However, with remodeling, everything is much more difficult. Even most DIY enthusiasts choose professionals to do the work when they can afford it.

There’s no reason not to get several written price quotes for the job. Make sure the contractors know they’re competing for the work, and you’ll get lower estimates. Written estimates are usually free, with no obligation. Use the process to evaluate the skills and abilities of the remodeling contractors. Also ask each one about their general plan for approaching the work and how long they expect it to take. Gathering this kind of information along with price estimates will best ensure that the job is done within your budget and that you will be happy with it once it is done.

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