Maintaining a Beautiful New Lawn

When you look out your window and see a yard that is thin, patchy and frankly ugly, it’s time to do something. See what Maintaining a Beautiful New Lawn for your home consists of. Homes are frequently remodeled, and so are yards. Here’s your guide to remodeling the turf around your home, so the outside […]

Home Decor: What’s Trending in 2015?

The hottest home trends for 2015 are already here,  and homeowners wishing to update their humble abodes will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and cost-effective these changes can be.  Creating an updated took for your home often times doesn’t require a complicated renovation, simple changes can have a dramatic effect on your homes’ first impression.  Keep […]

Steam Cleaning or Carpet Replacement, A Room by Room Comparison!

New Carpeting or Steam Clean?–  In this remodeling guide for your home, carpeting is something you can either replace one room at a time for way under $500 or the entire house for much more. Of course the type of carpet you pick will obviously determine the costs. Most installers will have minimums to come into a house […]

Adding a Kitchen Island, Planning is the First Step!

Kitchen islands are a very good way to maximize space and add functionality to your kitchen. They provide work space for food preparation, additional cabinet or shelf space while helping reduce clutter from kitchen counters. Adding a sink to a built-in island is also possible to enhance their usefulness. Islands may stand alone in the […]

Fence Types & Cost Guides

Fencing brings functionality to your yard as well as visual appeal. There are a variety of fence types and sizes to meet your aesthetic tastes and the purpose for which you have it installed. This Remodeling Cost Guide lists the most popular types of fencing and tells you a bit about each one. It will […]

Driveways & Sidewalk Cost Guide

Replacing a crumbling driveway and cracked sidewalks on your property will do a lot for the appearance and the value of your home, as well as protect you from liability should someone fall because of unsafe conditions. You’ve got several attractive options for your new driveway and sidewalk too. Even concrete offers exciting options rather […]