Home Decor: What’s Trending in 2015?

The hottest home trends for 2015 are already here,  and homeowners wishing to update their humble abodes will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and cost-effective these changes can be.  Creating an updated took for your home often times doesn’t require a complicated renovation, simple changes can have a dramatic effect on your homes’ first impression.  Keep […]

Home Improvement Deductions/Tax Credits

Home Improvement Deductions The ground-hog did not see his shadow this year, which by folklore means an early spring is upon us–a time for chirping birds, blooming flowers, and yes, paying taxes!  The good news is the law which Congress passed on January 1st, revived the tax credits for both 2012 and 2013.  If, by chance, you made […]

Is it Expensive to fix Squeaky Floors ?

So you finally had enough of those squeaky floors, but what is involved to fix it yourself and how much will it cost? Depending on the floor type and what level it’s located in your home will determine how hard it can be and the cost. But remember if you aren’t handy with home repairs, seek […]

Six Ways to Use The Space Under Your Stairs for Storage

What do you do with that parcel of useless space under the stairs? It’s been a question that has been asked a few hundred times by no doubt a few hundred people. We’ve taken a look at some of the more creative ways to use this awkward, but potentially, efficient use of space. Though this […]

Can Your Bathroom be Updated for Under $500?

Vanity/Cabinets- Is it possible to update your bathroom for under $500?. Sure it is, but you have to do some wise shopping. For instance, if you feel your vanity is in need of being replaced. This price can vary. A low end, unfinished, paint grade  bathroom vanity cabinets, plan on spending  an average of $75-$90 / linear […]

Is a Home Theater / Entertainment Room in your Remodeling Budget ?

Is entertainment a big part of your household ?  Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having that Home Theater where you can spend an evening relaxing either watching your favorite shows or listening to your favorite music. There are many things to consider if this is something you decide to do. Well first of all, if […]

Remodeling Permits and Inspections, Where to Learn about When They’re Needed!

If you’re planning a remodeling project in your home, you might need a permit for the job. If running gas, water or electrical line is part of the job, you will almost certainly be required to get a permit. Permits Ensure Safety Many homeowners think the requirement to get a permit is simply to make […]

Cost of Replacing Windows

This replacement window cost guide will help you evaluate your total home remodeling costs or those for the specific room you are renovating. Windows come in a wide spectrum of prices. The more energy-efficient the window is and the more attractive it is, the more it will generally cost. This Remodeling Cost Guide gives you […]

Shower Remodeling Cost Guide

The cost of the shower you choose will prove to be a significant part of your bathroom remodeling costs. There are many types of showers ranging from inexpensive, one-piece fiberglass showers to high-end steam showers. Even the type of shower head you select will affect your costs. This Remodeling Cost Guide discusses your options along […]