Can Your Bathroom be Updated for Under $500?

Vanity/Cabinets- Is it possible to update your bathroom for under $500?. Sure it is, but you have to do some wise shopping. For instance, if you feel your vanity is in need of being replaced. This price can vary. A low end, unfinished, paint grade  bathroom vanity cabinets, plan on spending  an average of $75-$90 / linear […]

Painting a Few Rooms or the Entire House?

Which Saves Money, Painting a Few Rooms or the Entire House? Painting is definitely a thing you can do to improve the look of your home when remodeling. But you may ask yourself, should I only do a few rooms or the entire house ?  Well now that depends. Starting with rooms that are the […]

6 Costly Mistakes Home Sellers Make that Are Easily Avoided

Sometimes, it’s the little things that turn off potential home buyers. They might love your neighborhood, the architecture of your home and its location. But a lack of attention to the little things on your part might give the house down the street the advantage over yours. There are plenty of costly mistakes home sellers […]