Top 10 Springtime Home Improvement Projects.


Spring is almost Here ! and you are getting excited about starting some Springtime Home Improvement projects. So what are the Top 10 Home Improvements for Springtime ? It can be hard to determine which home improvement projects are worth the work  and which ones you should avoid. To get the most out of your  projects, pick ones that have more to do with what you already have. So with Spring around the corner, what can you do to add value to your house ?

Top 10 Springtime Home Improvement Projects ?


1. Replacement of Siding or Just a Good Cleaning ?-  Depending on the condition of your siding, whether Aluminum or Vinyl,  it may be as easy as just using a garden sprayer and some siding cleaner $15 – $50. Of course, your siding might be beyond cleaning and its time to consider replacing it, see our Costing Guide for Siding.

2. Exterior Painting – Do you have a lot of wood on the exterior of your house, such as the siding? There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to brighten up the look of your home, especially if your siding is painted wood. Sure this could be a big job, but the payoff will be worth it, not only does it protect the wood but if you are selling the home, a potential buyer will be more interested in your home knowing that he won’t have to worry about doing the painting himself for awhile. Paint costs will very based on your budget.

3. Staining- Whether you live somewhere in the north with all kinds of weather, from snow, rain, sleet to hail or live somewhere its Sunny all the time, this can take a major toll on any wood deck or fence. Spring is a good time to power wash the wood and give it a new look with a fresh coat of Stain making it look like new. Costs of Stain can range from $10 – $50 a gallon or even more depending on quality and brand.

4. Landscaping-  Rejuvenating your landscaping, from adding mulch to planting new flowers and shrubs will definitely add a fresh look to your yard giving it a curbside appeal. Visit Remodel Cost Guide for more ideas that can improve and give you more landscaping upgrade ideas.

5. Have your Air Conditioner Inspected-  What a better time to have your Air Conditioner inspected than in the Spring. With Summer following, you will want to have it in tip top shape. Finding out come Summer that it doesn’t work will not only be uncomfortable but it could cost you much more for a repair person to show up to fix it, usually when it gets hot out, not only will you pay more, but you could wait for days due to high demand for repairs for anyone to show up.

6. Gutters- After a nasty winter, you may find those gutters in need of repair or replacing. If there is an issue only with leaking, you can easily caulk and seal these yourself for a low cost.  But if you are thinking of replacing them with some new modern covered ones, this not only will fix the leaking problems, but these newer style gutters can even prevent the clogging you would normally get from leaves and other elements that can get in there.

7. Replacing your Barbecue- Many homeowners leave their grills or barbecues out over the winter. This can take a toll on it especially if you didnt do anything to protect it, such as keeping it covered. Or maybe your grill has finally grilled its last burger and its time to upgrade. During springtime is a good time to find great deals on new gas/charcoal grills where you can usually negotiate better costs if you find better prices at different stores.

8. Tuning up that Lawnmower-  Nothing is worse than pulling your lawnmower out after a long winter and you’re ready to mow your lawn for the first time and it doesn’t start. A good time to get it tuned up would be early spring BEFORE your grass needs cutting. Check your local home improvement stores or even local stores that sell lawnmowers, many of them offer special pricing for basic tuneups, usually anywhere from $75-$100.

9. Fixing Your Lawn- Take a look at your lawn, this is a good time to do a good raking/power raking, seed dead spots and even replace the sod if needed. Also start your fertilizing program for the spring, getting an early start on your lawn can make for a green plush weedless thick turf for the summer.

10. Repair your Roofing- Winter can do damage on an aging roof, especially if you are trying to get the most out it before having to spend thousands of dollars to replace it. Spring is a good time to call out a professional to inspect your roof for leaks and any other damages that may have occurred over the winter. Many contractors will come out and give you free estimates if you should need any repairs. At this point you can then decide for yourself if you are capable of fixing them yourself or paying the contractor to do it. See our Roof Costing Guide.


Getting an early start on these Spring Projects will allow you to relax and enjoy your summer, of course or give you time for to start other ones.



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