Can Your Bathroom be Updated for Under $500?

Vanity/Cabinets- Is it possible to update your bathroom for under $500?. Sure it is, but you have to do some wise shopping. For instance, if you feel your vanity is in need of being replaced. This price can vary. A low end, unfinished, paint grade  bathroom vanity cabinets, plan on spending  an average of $75-$90 / linear ft. On the upper end plan on around $250+/ linear foot. You also need to figure about another $100/ linear foot to finish it. It is also possible to find good deals on clearance items, such as a single cabinet /vanity for as low as $79, but more than likely these will not be real wood but covered with some simulated material that looks like wood, these tend to fade over time.

Mirrors-  Replacing a mirror can be an easy and inexpensive item to brighten up your bathroom. Mirrors can include a standard size mirror with or without  framing, as well as custom cut mirrors from glass companies that specialize in this.  A basic mirror will usually run you around $50-$75, while a midgrade would be around $75-$100 and a higher end anywhere from $100-$500.  Grant it, these prices could be lower or even much higher depending on exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Bigger mirrors with custom framing could cost you thousands, but for the average home, you should be able to replace your bathroom mirror for well under $500, just shop wisely and look for clearance items that might be being discontinued.

Light Fixtures- Simply just replacing your existing light fixture in your bathroom can give it new life without having to spend a fortune. If you are capable and comfortable with electrical wiring, you can easily replace your fixture yourself. Though there is a wide variety of Bathroom Light fixtures that range anywhere from $30 to several hundreds of dollars, there is definitely a selection that can fit your budget. If you arent handy with electrical, you may have to hire a handyman or even a professional to install it for you, this may cost you an additional $50 – $75,  so keep this in your costs when budgeting lighting for your bathroom.

Can Your Bathroom be Updated for Under $500? Absolutely !!!!

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